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  • 325, Globe Business Park, Kalyan Badlapur Road, Ambernath - West 421501
We are Mindvalley

We're a group of designers and developers

We build notable brands and premier digital experiences that captivate users worldwide. Our unified, AI-infused creative approach ensures scalability and consistency across all brand touchpoints by building robust design systems.


We constantly push the envelope both in the digital world and offline,
to be innovative in what we say, how we say it, where we say it or who we’re talking to.


We’re here to not just change the conversation but to lead it.


Why Mindvalley

As a culture, we foster an attitude of fearlessness, in strategy
and creative thinking. We approach business problems without fear
to create effective and impactful solutions rooted in brand purpose.



We believe that all great ideas are born out of deep-rooted strategic
thinking. By diving into a brand’s purpose, we create measurable and
successful strategic ideas that result in creative work that works.


Our clients are our partners. We have implemented
projects from more than 10 countries.