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Enhance your digital presence and reach your business goals! Here's how our expert team helped Ramshetty.com, Vyaida.com and Blueline Plastics.


Creating a Website for Ramshetty group involved in Bio Mining Logistics, Warehousing & Distribution, Pallet Solutions, Pre-engineering and Film Production

How did we help them?

  • Created a website keeping each vertical in mind needs to have its own specific layout in mind.
  • User friendly and easy to navigate to impact improved customer experience.
  • Landing page which hold all the verticals where user can choose vertical of his /her interest.

BlueLine Plastics

Creating Sustainable Alternative Technology, 100% Eco-friendly, Bio-Compostable Products and Solutions.

How did we help them?

  • Modern platform that helped Blue Line Plastics stand out from the crowd.
  • Custom-built webeit that improves customer experience.
  • Website needed to be precise and clear with definitive solutions they are offering.


A Web Application with Medical Tourism, Flight, Hotel and Tourism Information

How did we help them?

  • Understood the requirement of the client
  • Custom-built application form that improved customer experience.
  • Integrated various solutions, such as optimized forms, and created a web application with admin and user panels.

Big questions need simple answers

How long does a project take?

We can deliver a website in two weeks. Redesigning an entire website depends on the size of the website.

How much does it cost?

Full-scale website projects stars from . Optimizing a few smaller parts of a website takes from a few to several dozen hours.

When you will be able to start?

Usually, we can start within two weeks. We can adjust to your deadline and split the project into smaller parts, taking your business plans into account.

What technologies do you work in?

We specialize in building custom websites using WordPress and custom html solutions.

Why should I choose Mindvalley?

Apart from great reviews, we simply love what we do. If you also believe that this is the secret sauce of a successful project, we have a match!